As a business person are you going to do your bit to help your fellow business people?

All too often when we read posts like this they start with an inspiring quote from someone like JFK or Nelson Mandela or Richard Branson to set the scene for what is to come in the post. And like everyone else, I looked for a suitable quote for this post and I couldn’t find one that was all encompassing and suitable. So I stopped looking and just started writing what I wanted to say…..

This Coronavirus crisis is incredibly worrying, as a parent, as a citizen of our amazing country, as a business person and as a human being. I tend to be calm and reasoned in most situations and while I tell myself that everything is being done to ensure we limit the impact of this virus, I keep finding myself coming back to a place of worry.

But worry never fixes anything (see, I found a quote and its not from JFK and the likes, it is from one of my oldest friends)

This crisis is hugely worrying for all of us from a health perspective, and we don’t yet know what the full impact will be. But I know enough to be certain that the best people to comment on the situation are the health experts. We all need to listen to these experts and we should abide by the advice they give. This is our civic and moral duty to not just ourselves, but more importantly, to everyone around us.

This crisis is also extremely worrying from a business perspective and we each have skills and expertise in the world of business that we should look to share with fellow businesses during these times. Like many others I want to lend my voice to the call on all business leaders to rally together in support of fellow businesses as we chart a course through the coming weeks and months.

When this crisis passes – and it will - we will be known for how we stood up and supported one another. In a time of crisis our true character will be shown and we will be remembered for how we acted and behaved during these times – and quite rightly so! Businesses can do lots to support each other – by providing our expertise/services to others where needed, by maintaining the flow of work where at all possible, by enabling remote working, by being mindful of how much we charge for essential services, by continuing to pay our bills and invoices in a timely manner and so on.

These extraordinary times also call for some ordinary measures – such as picking up the phone to talk to a fellow business owner, client or supplier just to see how they are, buying a voucher from your favourite restaurant or coffee shop to help them with cashflow, supporting local charities who have had to cancel their much needed fundraising events, and one which I am hearing more and more (thankfully) these days – just be kind to one another. Ordinary measures and easily done……

Let’s do everything we can to get through this worrying time by standing together and supporting other businesses with our expertise and services. Stay safe and we must always remember, this too shall pass.

Take a few minutes to hear my colleague Aidan Magner describe some of the ways this can be done -

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