The client was a financial services company, owner managed and with just under 100 employees across one site in Dublin. Over the years it had been highly successful and grown quickly, and as new people came on board rapidly, it led to a lack of consistency in approach by staff. Communication between managers and their teams was poor and it was impacting the overall culture of the organisation and resulted in customer service issues. Low morale amongst its people was impacting the bottom line.

3SIXTY identified that the lack of a coherent development programme for managers was leading to a lack of consistency across the management cohort. We benchmarked employee engagement levels, which were relatively high, but showed several areas for improvement and based on the results, designed a leadership development programme for all managers – from CEO to the most junior manager in the business. The implementation of this programme focused on creating a supportive environment that facilitated open and honest conversations, all supported by one to one coaching and mentoring from the 3 SIXTY team.

Rather than reinvent the wheel and create additional cost, we took the existing performance management system and used it as a basis for the ongoing training programme, which resulted in increased uptake in all training.

Three months after the programme was completed, we carried out a further employee engagement study, which demonstrated improvements in all areas of engagement. It also showed that small increases in engagement over time can result in big business impacts – with customer service improving across the board as evidenced by the increased scores in the customer satisfaction survey. This was also supported by a corresponding decrease in customer complaints.

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