Covid-19 has brought huge disruption to every business, team and individual. Permanent changes to the way we work and provide leadership to our teams are inevitable in the New Norm.

How businesses & teams operate, adapt to change, control emotions, manage stress, be good role models, and manage mental health & well being have become increasingly critical to the survival of businesses.

To help and support businesses adapt, 3SIXTY has developed a structured yet flexible approach called ‘The 3 Rs’.

The 3 Rs helps businesses Recover, Refocus & Recalibrate as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our stepped approach is as follows:


Assess current state, develop and implement plans to support the short-term needs of businesses, capture and “lock-in” the lessons learned from dealing with Covid-19


Restrategize to get businesses and people back on track and focussed. Implement future plans and needs for businesses.


Embed New Norm ways of working, sustain the changes needed, boost employee engagement and be ready for the next time!

The 3 Rs provides a robust, step-by-step roadmap for businesses through the current changing environment and beyond. This roadmap is carefully developed to ensure all needs are considered and with the right level of flexibility to support the uniqueness of every business.

The 3 Rs programme comes in easy-to-digest bites, which are focussed and purposeful, and tailored to the specific needs of the business and team. Businesses can pick the elements they need.


  • A structured roadmap to support your new ‘Business as Usual’.
  • Bite-size tools and advisory services to support your specific needs with flexibility to navigate between phases and segments as needed
  • Skilled support for leaders and their teams in making the changes needed
  • Additional support to existing onsite teams while you work through these times
  • Minimise gaps, blind-spots and disparities for the future – learn the lessons and lock in those learnings for the next crisis/major event
  • Dedicated and targeted expertise focussed on getting you fully operational
  • A solid focus on preserving and evolving your unique culture in the New Norm
  • Comfort that the 3SIXTY team has thought of everything!