Here’s how we in Team 3SIXTY are going to play our part. 

We are experts in the areas of Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Optimization, Culture and Change Management. We are fully operational, working remotely with all our support systems in place, and we stand ready to support fellow businesses in any way we can.  

3SIXTY has a broad set of skills and experiences across our team but we would regard these supports as being of particular relevance to businesses – particularly small and mid-size businesses - at the current time – 

·       Business Impact Assessment

·       Strategic Communications

·       Additional Support for on-site HR team(s) including understanding and accessing available Grants and Schemes

·       Support and/or Interim Management for critical roles 

Business Impact Assessment

Now in its 7th iteration, the 3SIXTY Business Impact Assessment tool is a structured approach to measuring and systematically minimising all risks in your business conducted via a short deep dive, the output of which is a step-by-step action plan. Developed by 3SIXTY’s Head of Operational Excellence, Aidan Magner, a recognised expert in the areas of Supply Chain Optimisation, Sales & Operations Planning, Logistics and Lean/Six Sigma Transformation, our BIA looks at all aspects of a company’s ability to maintain business continuity and be in a position to service customers, stakeholders and employees. This is a must-do for any business in the current climate.  

Strategic Communications

Right now, the only constant seems to be change. The Covid-19 situation is rapidly evolving meaning there is an increased need for companies to engage with a range of stakeholders. This engagement calls for structured, effective, two-way communications plans to be put in place and managed properly. 3SIXTY has huge experience of developing comms plans of this nature so we are happy to share our experience.    

Additional support to on-site HR team(s)

Our team of experts will support you as your business navigates the legal and administrative requirements to access the recently announced Government supports.  Linking in with our BIA we will help you to redeploy key members of your team to manage priority activity identified.  We will also help you to understand and manage the challenges you may face if your business is not in a position to shift to remote working.

Hiring and training staff may also be a real need right now and we have a team of experts who can work with your HR team or work as your HR team to deliver what you need.  This includes working to re-enforce Company Brand Awareness as you manage team restructuring. 

People, Change and Culture are central to every project we do. We have a talent pool of highly-experienced ‘People Matters’ practitioners with deep expertise across Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Employer Brand and Culture & Values. We are currently providing a heightened level of support to a number of our clients’ in-house HR teams. Again, we are more than happy to share our expertise in these or any other People/HR areas.  

Support and/or Interim Management for critical roles

Our team of battle-scarred industry practitioners have experience across all skillsets, sectors and business types. This is the ultimate value we bring to clients. No matter what the challenge, there is somebody on the 3SIXTY team who has walked hat road before and is ready and willing to share their experience. Our people can be called upon for anything from a quick phone call to give an opinion to something more involved depending on the nature of the challenge.    

In short, if you want any support on how to navigate the road ahead, do get in touch. 

We are more than happy to field questions/bounce ideas/hop on calls/have a virtual coffee conversation etc.  

Email us @ 

We are here to support 7 days/week in any way we can.  Together we will get through this.   

Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our colleagues below directly via LinkedIn.  

Brian Cremin, Managing Partner

Aidan Magner, Head of Operational Excellence

Brian O’Brien, Head of Growth Strategies & Coffee Conversations

David McCarthy, Senior Business Transformation Practitioner