At 3SIXTY, we are passionately focused on Making Change Happen

We design and deliver results-focused change solutions which have positive, measurable and sustainable impacts on our clients’ businesses.

Working in partnership with client partners across a range of sectors and ranging in size from global multinationals to small, indigenous start-ups, we work hand in hand with our clients’ people to identify better ways of working to help improve your key business metrics.

We do not come to the table with a single, prescribed ‘answer’. If you only have a hammer in your toolkit, everything looks like a nail. Our approach is to think about People and Process in an integrated way. Given the interdependencies between People and Process, our view, based on extensive experience, is that poorer outcomes are delivered by focusing on one above the other and not taking a joined-up approach. We see this as a subtle yet powerful difference in our approach to solving client challenges and one which delivers significantly better results.  

When we first engage with a new client, we conduct a diagnosis which takes between 6 and 10 days depending on the size of your business. At the end of this, we draft a report which outlines a roadmap to improve the areas of highest priority for your business, as identified by you in initial discussions.  

Given the breadth and depth of their experience, our team will look at things from different angles. One of our practitioners will be an expert in business process transformation. Another will be an expert in optimising employee engagement and people management. The team will work together to identify opportunities to make processes more efficient as well as assessing how engaged people are and looking for ways to manage people more effectively. This team will be focused on identifying business improvements which bring measurable and lasting benefits to you and your business.